Miso-Ten Ramen & Tempura Grand Opening Promo 50% off on P500 voucher for only P250!

The newest Ramen destination has just launch 50% off on their P500 food and drinks voucher!

Make your way to the Land of the Rising Sun via their cuisine with this satisfying CashCashPinoy deal only P250 for P500 worth of food and drinks at Miso-Ten!

Know why foodies are going crazy over Ramen by having a bowl at Miso-Ten. They offer different flavors like Original, Spicy, Miso, Tonkotsu, and Tan Tan Mien

Miso comes in as a relatively new favorite as it features a special broth that combines copious amounts of miso and in-house pork oil to create a hearty soup. This special treatment gives the broth layers of flavors that is hard to achieve with other methods. Added to this broth are al dente noodles that are typically curly and slightly chewy for a satisfying spoonful of noodles and soup. Customize your bowl by picking the soup base, spice level, and extra toppings like Aji Tamago which is a soft-boiled egg that goes nicely with any Ramen flavor.

Miso-Ten’s Tempura on the other hand is battered carefully, deep fried, and then served with a special tendon sauce. The Excellent Tendon has a delightful mix of 3 pcs. Ebi, Eggplant, String Beans, and Pumpkin over white rice. There are other equally yummy varieties to enjoy like Seafood, Vegetable, and Mini. You can add extra pieces to your Tendon Bowl for a generously portioned meal.

Go all out on your Japanese cuisine trip by ordering Ala Carte dishes like Gyoza which has ground pork and vegetable filling inside a thin dough wrapper. It has a characteristic dual texture of crunchy on one side and chewy on the other. Warm your tummy before the main meal with a cup of lovely Miso Soup. Enjoy the meal with cold drinks by choosing from Iced Tea, Lemonade, or softdrinks.

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