Millie's Restaurant. Comfort Food at Microtel's Comfort Haven.

Right at the busy place of Pasay where Mall of Asia is located, there is this restaurant, quietly making its mark in dining pleasure inside Microtel. At Millie's Restaurant, you get to experience good food, service, comfort and ambiance. Perfect for families and friends gathering and a place work buddies can go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even after drinks.

Millie's Restaurant has a variety of menu selections around the world. Mediterranean, Asian, America, and Europe. In the Filipino corner in the menu highlights the weight of the homegrown dishes matching it against the international food contenders. This has been a combination of the two cultures of two chefs at Millie's. Filipino Executive Chef Gino Santayana and Italian F&B Director Enzo Ciliani is indeed a pleasant combination and fusion to the menu that is sure to please any palate. Now, on to the food!

Chef Gino Santayana

First I was asked... What's your drink sir. I did not hesitate and asked for the first cocktail I saw. "Mango Daquiri please!" :) Let's get the party started!

After that plates and plates of food kept on coming out...
Chicken Parmigiana
Seafood Marinara
Bistek Tagalog
Baby Back Riiiibbssss!!!

Greek Salad
Pan-seared Salmon
Osso Buco
All of the dishes are prepared from quality and fresh ingredients to excellent culinary creations. The cuisine was delightfully presented and the service was warm and efficient. Microtel pride itself from customer service. At Millie's, service is also personalized, where one can very much feel at home. 

I personally liked the Gnocchi and the Chicken Parmigiana and ofcourse the Salmon :)

Now, the desserts! 
Panacotta Cheese with Mango Coolie
Aside from the food, I can say that the place was certainly comfortable. The place give out a warm feel to it. Restaurant's decor was simple yet elegant. The furniture touches are nice and functional, designed nicely. The design is un-pretentious, homey and just right to any diner longing for real good food. They also have a list of  beverage selection of coffee and tea, fresh juices, specialty cocktails, wines and liquors.

The place is nice for a dinner date, meetings and gatherings. Millie's Restaurant pride itself of its history. Somehow it is a family's tribute to its matriach Milllie Del Rosario who brought her family the best of the world with various cuisines, cultural nuances, and exquisite experience of international travel. Millie's Restaurant opened its second branch last year at Microtel Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

For more information, contact Microtel Mall of Asia at (02) 403 3333 loc. 597 or their new branch at Sto. Tomas Batangas at (023) 4056447 / (0917) 8239058.

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