AQIVA Fighting The Diet Shift

What is this about the diet shift? Well, children today are easily tempted by unhealthy food. Reason that is because to them these food seem to be more fun and exciting and this is not good. The desire for unhealthy food heightens at age 4-7 when they start making their food choices. This is when the threat of the Diet Shift starts. The phase when the child may begin to prefer unhealthy food, or food that doesn't contain the right nutrients children need to keep their growth and development on track.

And how do we fight it? Lucky for us, Wyeth's nutrition AQIVA recognizes this problem and now has partnered with mom to help them secure their children's health and nutrition. Aqiva recently launched "Food Talk". It is an event that helped educate mothers about the threat of the Diet Shift, and provide them with empowering solutions for them to conquer the phase.

There were mom-to-mom discussions on parenting concerns and health tips for their children led by celebrity mom and TV host Mikee Cojuanco-Jaworski. Also there to join the talk was Dr. Bernadette Benitez, a Development and Behavioral Pediatrics Specialist who currently serves as the Medical Director of Wyeth Nutrition Philippines. Ms. Luz Callanta, Nutrition Expert and lecturer discussed the nutrients commonly at-risk during the Diet Shift phase.

"Proper nutrition is needed, especially during the child's growth and development years. This is when he needs the most vitamins and nutrients, at the right levels. Unfortunately, this is the same time that the threat of the Diet Shift strikes, and gaps in nutrition may occur. It is essential at this stage to supplement at-risk nutrients in the child's diet and nutrition" Says Ms. Callanta.

During the event, mothers realized that to teach children how to eat healthy, they must understand why the unhealthy food appeal to them in the first place. This was where Celebrity Chef Jackie Laudico of Bistro Filipino helped in teaching guest how to prepare their healthy meals that kids will enjoy.

On one of the activity during the event, check out how we made a rocking sandwich!
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In the talk they say it's not just about giving the kids good food but also the challenge there is making it fun and exciting for them to be encouraged to eat it. 
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"Aqiva proudly take on the advocacy of raising healthy children through healthy eating habits and proper nutrition. We want to help moms instill the importance and value of healthy eating in their children, and at the same time, we want children to enjoy theur healthy meals-to actually like what they eat," said AQIVA Senior Product Manager Carlo de la Paz

AQIVA helps supplement nutrients which may be at-risk or inadequate in a child's diet. Formulated with A, Q. I (Adequate, Quality and Important) Nutrients, AQIVA is packed with 40 ingredients including 25 essential nutrients, scientifically designed to support the child's nutrition as parents teach them healthy eating habits, especially during the Diet Shift phase.

"Mother's need to be creative when it comes to their children's nutrition. There should be no shortcuts and they should not only focus on making meal times healthy but also fun and enjoyable to the kids" shared Dr. Benitez.

Mikee added, "I make sure that I supplement the at-risk nutrients Renzo needs because I don't want to sneak around concealing vegetables in his food. Instead, I want him to enjoy his healthy meals by using fruits and vegetables to create fun and appealing meal experiences."

For more photos during the event, click here.

For more information on Aqiva, parents may call the Wyeth Careline at 81-WYETH (81-99384) for Metro Manila and 1-800-10-844-222 (toll-fee) for provinces. Parent's may also log on to

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