The new Ultimate Burger Steak Meal from Jollibee

Photo Credit to OutofTownBlog
I missed a big reveal of Jollibee yesterday. It was somewhat a food event tasting event of their newest innovation. After bringing the Chickenjoy in the 80's, Burger Steak in the 90's, Grilled Pork Tenders around the decde of 2000-2012, and now they bring you the "Ultimate Burger Steak Meal" 

The Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak is made from 100% pure beef goodness. They used 1/3 pound patty that they used in their CHAMP burger, served with their crispy fries, topped with their mushroom gravy, sprinkled with toasted garlic bits and steamed rice with sunny-side up egg.

This mean additon to Jollibee's food list costs P 109 (ala carte). Their Value Meal which includes a drink costs P 119. The Ultimate Burger Steak meal will be available for the whole day, so you can order this for breakfast as well. :)

I've yet to try this one, and see what it's all about. :) Who can join me on this? If you've already tried it, please feel free to share your comments below. :)

Check out the writeup of my friend Ruth Floresca here.

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