Starbucks' Asian Dolce Latte made for me... made for us.

I don't know if you've visited your favorite coffee shop lately but Starbucks Coffee Philippines just launched the Starbucks® Asian Dolce Latte, the new smooth and velvety textured latte with an Asian twist. 

The drink is inspired by how coffee is drank in many parts of Asia. Basically the Asian Dolce Latte appeals to the local palettes of those who like their coffee strong, with a smooth texture. 

The drink has double-shots of the premium, dark-roasted Starbucks® Espresso Roast, with the uniquely developed dolce sauce to indulge in a coffee experience like never before. This new blend is sure to capture the senses of Asian coffee drinkers giving them a delicious local flavor every time they sip it.

ASIAN DOLCE LATTE (Tall - ₱115, Grande- ₱130, Venti - ₱140 )
The sweet dolce sauce combined with freshly steamed milk, topped with velvety foam and marked with shots of rich espresso.The uniquely flavoured dolce sauce is a blend of different milk that gives the coffee a smooth and rich velvety texture

Grab your Asian Dolce Latte fix and celebrate the unique flavor of Asia until May 14, 2013

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