Rurouni Kenshin now out on DVD and VCD

Oh Yes. What was one a very popular manga comic by Nobuhiro Watsuki now a blockbuster live action remake of the popular Animated series is now out on DVD and VCD. I was a follower of this series and I was quite happy to know that they are now up for grabs at all Astrovision, Astroplus, Odyssey and other record bars our there.

The kind smile, and a caring heart that has a slender build like a young boy with long hair... oh and a scar on his face. Some of us know that guy. "Rurouni Kenshin" premiered in Japanese theaters on August 25 peaking at number one at the box office ahead of "The Avengers", "Prometheus" and "Madagascar 3 ". RUROUNI KENSHIN grossed over $25 million in Japan, beating PROMETHEUS in the same week of release. It was also selected for the 2012 Japanese Film Festival in Melbourne and Sydney. The first movie to sell out its screenings in both cities, RUROUNI KENSHIN was given bonus screenings which also sold out. 

January, 1868. The shogun’s forces are defeated by a samurai uprising under a lone swordsman known as “Battousai the Killer”, signalling the birth of a new era. Once legendary for his killing prowess, Battousai becomes a wanderer under the name of Kenshin Himura and vows never to kill again. But things are not so simple: faced with those who wish to return Japan to times of darkness, Kenshin is forced to grapple with what renouncing violence could mean. 

But when this man moves to save somebody, his eyes become sharp like no other. Faster than God, Stronger than Shura, able to take control of a battle against multiple foes. Yet he has vowed to never take a life, no matter how evil his opponent may be.

The movie is locally distributed by C-Interactive Digital Entertainment. 

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