Petron Porsche Toy Ride Rush! - 80th Year Limited Edition

Here it goes! I just found out today that Petron has a Toy Rush from March 1-15. (and I got the three already) Yeap, you get 2 weeks to collect these babies. The collectible now has 3 cars which was also offered on the last Petron promo but this time, they changed the colors of the 3 cars. 

They now have the Black Porsche Cayenne (from their previous silver), Blue Porsche Cayman S (from their previous red) and the Red Porsche Panamera (from their previous blue).

Check out my previous posts on the Petron car collectibles here and here.

Check out the mechanics below.

So collect them now! As for me, I already got the three, these will be a nice addition to my collection. :) Oh yeah! - thanks to a special someone who helped me get this.... Bing! :) 

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