Mondo Juice & SIP Milk Tea concept store now open in Makati

Have you visited the refreshed hip new place in Rada St.? Well Mondo Juice and SIP opened up a new branch there in Makati area. The place is cool and a perfect chill-out place that is comfy, may you be in group or just enjoying some time alone in Legaspi Village. This hip hangout place offers two satisfying beverage fix, not to mention healthy.

It was a good idea in combining two unique concept into one place. Mondo Juice offering the freshest and finest ingredients, delivering all-natural juices and smoothies and SIP becoming the metro's leading tea drinks offering high-quality steeped milk tea concoctions.

The President Mr. Jon Kui shares that "Offering these two together in one place gives tea lovers and smoothie fans more access to enjoy their favorite healthy drinks." The place sure does offer a refreshing look, creating the right ambiance to make you feel comfortable and at home. “We’ve put together design elements from both Mondo and SIP to get a balanced feel of the two stores while upgrading the overall interiors at the same time,” shares Kui.

When you enter the place, you can immediately see modern light fixtures, smooth wood textures and high ceilings. Cream couches and rocking chairs also adds to the touch of a homey vibe. The place is a perfect location and just a cartwheel away from the major commercial and residential buildings. Perfect for the bonding sessions or hangout with friends, snack breaks with colleagues or just quiet quality alone time.

The place offers great food and drinks, along with that, they also offer free Wi-Fi, so that's a big plus. :)

TREATS-The Rada branch offers new offerings such as macarons in chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, coffee, lemon, rose, hazelnut and black sesame flavors. Jon even said that their macaron is even better than Bizu's :) , I'm inclined to believe what he said when I tasted Mondo Juice's macarons. :)

Cheesecake lovers can also delight in the pistachio cheesecake, cheesecake brûlée and the tofu cheesecake. 
Pistachio Cheesecake on the right: Made from a blend of ground up pistachios and rich cream cheese, the Pistachio Cheesecake is a decadent dessert like no other.

For the breakfast crowd, Mondo serves baked egg dishes in bacon and sausage and the pulled pork sandwich made with lean challah bread.
 I really love this Pulled Pork Sandwich!!!

SIP, on the other hand, has the fried brownie and the Milovaltine drink which I haven't tried yet. These two items are exclusive for the Rada branch only. They also have a new line of drinks called fresh sodas, with lychee as the bestseller.

They also have some witty and funny tshirt merchandise on one of their areas there.

So, do you want to indulge into a refreshing healthy beverage paired with a laidback drinking experience? Visit with the newly designed Mondo and SIP store today!

Sharing to you more photos of the place and their food here and here's how they made my Lychee Mezteazos. :) Yum! 

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