Kuse. A Traditional Filipino Dining experience

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So many international food choices now but nothing beats the native food. Thanks to the food gods for giving us Kuse. Kuse's menu includes the best-sellers Pork Sisig Kapampangan, Pancit Lechon de Lucban, Vigan Bagnet, and the Batangas Bulalo Soup

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It was my first time eating at Kuse and I was excited. The place was warm. It was like a modern Filipino barrio. Dining there with friends and family is like the typical Filipino gathering.
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Servings are good enough to share and really tasty. One bite and you'll definitely crave for more of their Filipino dishes. The food served were some of the best sellers. Let's get started! (as you can see, I did. had a couple of grape shakes)
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For the appetizer we had the Mini Ukoy with Visayan sauce (P 180.00) and Adobong Kuhol sa Gata. ( P 250.00)

Normally the Ukoy size is bigger conveniently smaller and tastier, it goes well with the vinegar while the Adobong kuhol sa gata was delightfully spicy. 
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We also had the Paco Salad Sa Laguna with Keso Puti and Itlog na Maalat (P 195.00)
It was a good breaker in between dishes. It provides a fresh taste and cleanses your palate, all ready for the next dish.
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For our soup, we had the Sinigang na Bangus sa Bayabas (P 395.00)
2 words: Comfort Food. The sourness was just right. The bayabas provided richness in the soup. Good! 
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We also got the Garlic Dulong Rice (P 120.00)
One of the unique dishes you'd find in Kuse. I have got, to try how to make this at home :)
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and Inihaw na bangus for (P 295.00)
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The Kare-Kare Tagalog (P 450.00) was good but I still like my mother-in-law's version. :) hihi
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And of course the somewhat star of every Filipino meal, the Krispy Pata. (P 550.00) Yum!
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Now if that wasn't fulfilling enough, Kuse also has a wide range of Filipino desserts. That time ,we went for the Sapin Sapin Creme Brule (P 195.00) and the Banana Lanka in Filo with Caramel Sauce! (P 95.00)
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The Sapin Sapin Creme Brule was a nice surprise. I never know that you could make a Creme Brule out of Sapin Sapin. Genius! Of course the Banana Lanka in Filo was also a great twist to our usual turon, dipping it in the caramel sauce just made it all oh so good. :)

Other items topping the favorites list of our local visitors are the BBQ Beef Back Ribs Adobado and Kuse Lechong Baka. Kuse certainly showcase traditional Filipino cuisine. No doubt it's one of the top restaurant choice of our balikbayans. The dishes are familiar and fits the Pinoy palate.

The man with the recipes is Chef's Quarter Group executive chef, Mauro Arjona Jr. Whose father was a Kuse. Now if you don't on wow what a Kuse is, among the tagalog refers to the local chef. I'm guessing that it was derived from the word kusinero.

The Chef's Quarter Group includes Chef's Quarter Restaurant, Beurre Blanc Restaurant and Wine Bar, Old Vine Grille, Uncle Cheffy Brick Oven Global Cuisine and just recently, the Larry & Mau Diner. (insert link)

Kuse also offers catering services. You can get in touch with their stores, they have 3 locations. Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill 8364969 | Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo Manila 7089576 | Eton Centris Walk, Quezon City 7099817 And soon to open in Festival Mall, Alabang.

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