JV Ejercito and Social Media

With how things are going nowadays is politics and in the country, I am still a firm believer the technology and social media will play a big part in molding and shaping how people and the mass will perceive the current image of our country. It will hasted addressing the issues that matter and what is urgent. Here's one politician who's a fellow netizen - Ejercito Estrada.

This senatorial candidate is a certified netizen is setting the record straight. When asked if he was the one managing his social media accounts, he said "Many people doubt if I really do the posting on Facebook and Twitter. I do it myself because I like being hands-on. Also, after a day's hard work, it's therapeutic to share what you've done to the online community,". 

Well I agree with him. Adding a personal touch and having been able to engage his followers and friends, the KLOUT score of 73 indicates his influence to the online people. This internet savvy candidate with the support from his staff never fails to check and regularly updates his social media accounts through his gadgets. (Blackberry, iPhone and iPad Mini) even if there's frequent provincial travels and hectic schedules, this certified netizen since 2010 makes it a habit of checking and replying on posts from the moment he wakes up, on his free time, when he travels and before he dozes off. I'd say that is a tech savvy guy if you ask me, I do the same basically.

Did you know that JV Ejercito is considered one of the most active netizen-politicians in the country today? He connects with more than 24 thousand followers on Twitter. He also does the same with his Facebook account. Having more than 5k friends on his personal account and almost 100 thousand followers on his Fan Page.

"I think Twitter and Facebook are currently the fastest and most convenient ways to get in touch with the youth and Filipinos all in other parts of the world. Best of all, they are free," he said. 

Having Youth Development as one of his advocacies, being able to interact with students on a daily basis through Twitter and Facebook allows him to identify the needs, know the latest trend and other developments concerning young people.

JV Estrada said he intends to share his legislative agenda to his fans and to the Twitter and Facebook users in the Philippines. He understands that some netizens use social networking sites as a venue to rant against politicians, but he believes that the government must not be given the power to regulate the online activity of Filipinos. The young lawmaker noted that the Cybercrime Law contains provisions which practically permits the state to suppress freedom of speech and persecute its political foes. 

You can follow him at @jvejercito.