[Headphone] Sennheiser 'Momentum' - Sound with your Senses

Sennheiser just released their newest headphone. The MOMENTUM. This one is from Sennheiser's Style Selection combining a excellent sound experience with high quality material and minimalist style. They say that this is perfect for anyone who wants sound quality and style.

The Momentum being a part of Sennheiser’s Style Selection. Has its minimalist design resolutely cuts out superfluities, making the headphones appear understated and timeless, yet at the same time stylishly urban. 

The high-quality, predominantly natural materials emphasise the headphones’ pure aesthetics. People love them for how they look and also for how they feel – combining design and luxurious textures to excite the sense of touch with the ultimate in comfort to wear. The headband and earpads are worked from soft and supple leather of the finest quality from traditional English tannery Pittards and is complemented by an unostentatious headband slider of premium stainless steel. 

Pure sound experience
The MOMENTUM’s sound is like its design: pure and unadulterated. Sennheiser made use of established technologies from the high-end headphone sector to ensure a clear stereo sound with excellent detail. A 3.5 mm stereo plug means the MOMENTUM can be connected to all current media players. For Apple products such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod there is an additional cable with integrated smart remote and microphone. Buttons set into the elegant metal casing allow you to adjust the volume, select music titles, take phone calls and activate voice control. And the circumaural ear cups mean you can relax and enjoy your favourite sounds wherever and whenever you like – even in urban environments.

Our passion for perfection is apparent not only in the outstanding technology used in the MOMENTUM but also in its modern distinctive design and selected premium materials,” says Rajender Mogili, Product Manager at Sennheiser Consumer Electronics. “With striking yet minimalistic design, it makes the MOMENTUM the perfect accessory for those keen to display a passion for quality audio with a discrete and stylist authority.”

Cool carrying case huh? :

The MOMENTUM is available in brown and black through selected Sennheiser sales partners.

In my personal opinion, I think the only downside here is the smart remote that is only compatible in iOS devices. I do have an apple device but hey, I also have some android gadgets. :) I'm still waiting if I'd be able to review thie product.

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