The BOOB song by Seth MacFarlane - We Saw Your Boobs

"We Saw Your Boobs" - So did you guys watched the opening of the Oscars? Well if you still can't believe it. Well. It happened. Love him or hate him, but it happened.  It was controversial and went viral within seconds. @TheAcademy even tweeted that if that song didn't wend viral, there was something wrong with Twitter. Well, it did.

Here's the song.

As for me Good job Seth! :) Not because they're celebrities they can't be treated equally on the most prestigious awards night. What else do we expect from a guy who created Family Guy right? :) Well I kind of find it amusing. :) Women gasped and well.. didn't took it lightly.

Here's what I saw on the web. Some guy named Kevin Gisi made a parody already with "We Saw Your Junk" Check it out below.

Cool right? Well it's now even. Could have been better if a woman sang the song but its ok. :) So what do you think of the original and the parody? 

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