New Orleans gives us the Megarita! & Awesome Mardi Gras Experience

When I say mega, yes it's mega. New Orleans Bar and Restaurant just unveiled its latest creation making sure that your evenings are unforgettable. (or unforgettable, depending on your intake :) )
The Megarita, from the name itself takes the ordinary margarita to a literal new heights. The Megarita is unlike any other cocktail that you've ever tasted, an exciting twist to the margarita. Served with the most delicious alcohol mixes in a massive cocktail glass, the Megarita is indeed a taste of paradise. Available is many flavors. The Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate Breeze, Midori, Cadillac, Rasberry, Blueberry, Pink Lady and Electric Blue.

New Orleans-7 New Orleans-8

For only P299 pesos, you'll surely make the night worth it. Oh, and you can buy two Megaritas for only P550. Not that's a sweet deal! May it be for dinner or after dinner, Megaritas of New Orleans are perfect for every occasion and will make an ordinary day an occasion to be remembered.

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Megaritas are also best enjoyed with the food that New Orleans have... .Dig in guys!
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To cap of the whole experience, New Orleans has these beautiful and sultry Mardigrettes' performing three times a week at New Orleans branches. 

New Orleans-25 New Orleans-34 New Orleans-36
These ladies are actually their own staff, handpicked and trained at FTX gym giving the most lively and colorful perfomances while enjoying your Megaritas. :) Catch the girls on Teaser Tuesdays at Resorts World Manila, MardiDics Thursday at Robinsons Magnolia and Jive Fridays at Mall of Asia.

And if that is not enough, get to witness New Orleans' fire flair!
New Orleans-29 New Orleans-27 New Orleans-33

So, what are you waiting for, I guess all of these will definitely add to your unique Mardi Gras experience! 
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New Orleans serves more than good food as they also show their customers a good time. Determined to bring the best of New Orleans and celebrating fun of the iconic Mardi Gras. Showcasing live bands and sultry singers.. Oh don't forget the Mardigrettes too! 

I've experienced it myself, good food, good music and a hell of a good time, that's New Orleans!

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