Nature Lifestlye at Eton City's South Lake Village

Was invited by Eton City to check out their World Cosplay Show last Sunday. I was excited to see the much talked about Eton City for the first time. Eton City - One of the most ambitious project of Eton Properties with a total area of around 1,000 hectares. Accessible via the SLEX, their flagship development is the South Lake Village which we were able to see.

The Southlake Village concept is amazing. Imagine this, the very first residential island lot development in the Philippines. It comprises of 16 distinct island surrounded by a 35-hectare man-made lake. Oh and you can't see posts or electrical lines in the sky inside this village, it is all under there. 

Home owners have the privilege to also do kayaking right outside their home.

This relaxing yet urbanized area is a merge of modern living with nature. Other projects are RiverBend, West Wing Residences and TierraBela. I had a chat with one of the executives of Eton City and she mentioned that this high end flag ship would cost around 12 Million? (I hope I heard right). She also added that this Eton City is like a 20 year development project. They also plan to come up with a strip mall for their main road and a gas station. This definitely got me interested in Eton... now... to google Eton City's master plan..... hmmmmm 

Well, if you want to know more about Eton City, call (02) 524-2858 or visit

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