FTX's Subic Open Water Swimming Clinic!

Join FTX's Subic Open Water Swimming Clinic with Triathlon Association of the Philippines Coach, Mr. Melvin Fausto. Get yourself prepared! and the 2 day clinic will hell you achieve that goal! 

Day 1 
8am-12noon (Pool Assessment)
3pm-6pm (Lecture)

Day 2
6:30am-12noon (Open Water Swim Assessment and Training)

Registration Fee:
Php 3450.00 (non-FTX Gym Member)    |   Php 2950.00 (FTX Gym Member)

Kalayaan Pool Entrance  |  All Hands Beach Entrance  |  Day 2 Breakfast

Please Contact Connie Fortich (09275766446)/ Pamela Pamela Bonganay(09088788774)
or call FTX Fitness Exchange Gym 8223311

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