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Chinese New Year Photo Coverage

By February 16, 2013 , , , , , , ,

Was able to go around Chinatown for a short time, and while I'm at it, I took a couple of shots along the way. Wasn't able to take much photos of the Lion and Dragon dance performances, because we had breakfast as President's Tea House.  Will share to you more shots of Chinese New Year here in the Philippines but from last year. :)

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Anyways, just browse on the photos below. I hope you guys love it.

CNY 2013-21CNY 2013-27CNY 2013-3 CNY 2013-4 CNY 2013-6 CNY 2013-7 CNY 2013-8 CNY 2013-10 CNY 2013-11 CNY 2013-14 CNY 2013-16 CNY 2013-17 CNY 2013-18 CNY 2013-19 CNY 2013-20 CNY 2013-29 CNY 2013-30 CNY 2013-9 CNY 2013-26 
CNY 2013-27
CNY 2013-28

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