Celebs react to Beyonce's Super Bowl Half Time Show

So, were you able to watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show? You should. I think it's one of the best  reunion on stage! She performed some of her hit including Halo and Crazy in Love and reunited with Destiny's Child. 

Celebrities shared to Twitter on what they think of Beyonce's perforance. Check out their raves and some rants. 

Check out what the stars are saying here!
Jay-Z: Lights out!!! Any questions??
Kim Kardashian: OMG Beyonce killed it!!! And when Destiny’s Child came out…that made my life! #Bootylicious
Justin Timberlake: Yes, B. Yes. Roasted that… #KINGBEY
Carrie Underwood: …and @Beyonce just made all the rest of us singers look stupid! In the most awesome way possible! Way to work it! #BestEverHalftimeShow
Randy Jackson: Millions of eyes on @beyonce killing it #superbowl47
Oprah: BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Hyland: Um. Why can’t I be beyonce? #themthighs
Diddy: King B is my f**kin Hero!!! #KillinIt
Sophia Bush: Beyonce is my church #Preach
Carson Daly: Please nipple gate come back
Mindy Kaling: My heart has stopped #Beyonce
Jamie Kennedy: Why is the halftime keep stage all Ed hardy lookin?
Samuel L. Jackson: I’m in the DON’T GIVE A F**K IF IT’S PRE-RECORDED OR NOT club!! B’s putting’ in WURK!!!!
Joel McHale: So THAT’S where the other two members of Destiny’s Child have been: trapped in pneumatic tubes beneath the SuperDome.
Evan Rachel Wood: Beyonce is so HOT i cannot even take it!! Ahhhhhh!!
Ashley Benson: Wow. Best Super Bowl performance of all time. She freakin killed it.
Steve Martin: Congrats to Beyonce, famous for her appearance with me in Pink Panther I.
Bill Maher: I saw an ad for scientology, i joined, and then Destiny’s Child reunited! That shit works – thanks, Tom Cruise!
Shannen Doherty: Damn beyonce rocked it
Tom Bergeron: Half-time show had it all. Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, a John Forsythe voice cameo and Beyonce hair extension souvenirs for fast-acting fans!
Brooke Burke: Beyonce are you F’in kidding me! You’re smoking hot….my hero.
Minka Kelly: BEYONCE!!!!!!
Michael Strahan: Beyonce is the best!!!! Damn she killed it. Best female artist (singer/dancer combo) ever!
Marlee Matlin: Wow #Beyonce just redefined half time entertainment in America. #SuperBowl
Derek Hough: Beyonce was incredible ! Not sure about the ending but dayum, talk about working that FACE ! Whew !
Frank Ocean: destinys child super bowl swaggin
Kelly Ripa: This is the BEST BEYONCE CONCERT I’ve ever seen!!!!! #crazyinlove!!!!”
Tori Spelling: Halftime Hottie! #SuperBowl #Beyoncé
Jennifer Morrison: Did beyonce just blow a fuse with that awesomeness?
Kirstie Alley: think Beyonce show used too many volts? #blackout
Alec Baldwin: Destiny’s Child blew the power out with their curling irons…
Nicole Scherzinger: Beyonce just slayed super bowl half time!!! #beyoncebowl!
Chloe Grace Moretz: Best halftime performance ever. #SuperBowl2013 baddiebey #Beyoncé
Jesse Tyler Ferguson: The opener & closer to the amazing Beyonce concert tonight was kinda boring. Not much singing. Just a lot of running around & falling down.
Lady Antebellum: @beyonce was so bootylicious that she knocked the power out at the #SuperBowl
Joey Lawrence: OMG!!Beyonce was AMAZING!!! You made us all proud B!! Hope your all Watching the Bowl!!! One of our great American traditions!!
Arsenio Hall: Beyonce still got the belt! And she just sparked her critics & haters wit’ it. #theone
Anna Kendrick: Beyonce = everything. I’m dying. I’ve died. I am dead. #IRegretNothing
Patti Stanger: @beyonce you killed it. Lovin the girl power. Single girls my fav. No lip synching here! Xo
Christie Brinkley: WOW!!!!! Beyonce!!!!! Does Not Get ANY Better than THAT!!!!!!
Jessie J: Goosebumps!! @Beyonce a superstar right to her fingertips! #superbowl
Courtney Stodden: @Beyonce’ lookin’ HOT out there, girl! Love her!! #SuperBowl

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