[Blog Giveaway] Les Misérables Anniversary Concert DVD

"i dreamed a dream of time gone by..."

Now how many of you can't get over the music, the story and the emotion of the musical and movie Les Misérables?

Well here's your change to experience the musical event of a lifetime on stage! mixofeverything.net and Magnavision is giving away the "Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert DVD" to 3 lucky winners!

Read more about the Les Misérables Anniversary concert here.

Do what you have to do below and get that prize. :)

Deadline is on February 16, 12 midnight. So share and join! :)
- Prizes are for pickup in Makati area only.

- There will only be 3 winners

- Make sure to leave you complete name and email address.

- Winners, please leave a message here https://www.facebook.com/mixofeverything

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