Iron Man Hall of Armor Collectible from Hot Toys

Its not too late. Some of you may still buy me some gift even after my birthday (which was November), even after my wedding and the holidays (which was December). Here's a bad ass gift from Hot Toys.

Hot Toys is known for their highly details products. I gotta say that this series one is one of them. Tony Stark's Hall of Armor couldn't be better. 

Here’s the info and specs:
Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Hot Toys Hall of Armor Collectible Diorama from Iron Man 2. Recreating Tony Stark’s impressive home workshop, the movie accurate Hall of Armor is highly detailed and features LED Light-Up functions, suitable for displaying Hot Toys Sixth Scale Iron Man Collectible figure series! 
  • The Hall of Armor (Set of Seven) Sixth Scale Figure Environment features:
  • Seven (7) Authentic and highly detailed Hall of Armor sections
  • Each Section Measures Approximately 13.5 inches H x 9 inches W x 6.75 inches D
  • LED light-up functions
  • Suitable for all Hot Toys Sixth Scale Iron Man Collectible Figure Series (Figures Not Included)
  • Includes Seven (7) Transparent acrylic plates with holographic style stickers
  • Includes Three (3) Sets of Stickers, Twenty-One (21) Total, Three (3) Each Mark I – VII
  • Each Hall of Armor can be combined with additional pieces to create the diorama setting
  • Three AAA Batteries Required (Not Included)
  • AC/DC compatible (Adapter NOT Included)
  • Product Size: 13.5″ H (342.9mm) x 9.0″ W (228.6mm) x 6.75″ D (171.45mm)*

Check out the toys below.
hot-toys-iron-man-mark-iv-armor (1) hot-toys-iron-man-armor 
hot-toys-iron-man-figure hot-toys-iron-man-2-collectible

Impressive right?? This toy masterpiece comes in two different versions. One is with the seven sets which will cost you around $799.99 and one with four which is around $469.99. Beauty indeed has a price. Well if you're on a tight budget and just want one, you may purchase it for only $129.99. (But why would you want just one really?) Oh you may purchase them here.

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