Fishman. Your affordable seafood fix.

There's a new fishing area in town. A place where you can enjoy quality seafood at a really affordable price. I got invited to one of their food tasting a few days ago.

The place has ample tables and chairs. Seats around 30-40 people. Has a nice and fresh interiors. 

It's a little cramped and limited but the turnover is fast, you won't have a problem finding a seat there. They also have an outside seating for those who smoke or some who wants fresh air.

They use the placemats as one of their menus. Nice.
If you may also notice the price range of the food that they have there. Nothing exceeds the 300 peso mark. Really affordable and value for money.

I had a chat with the executive chef of the group and he said that the store uses quality ingredients to their food. The concept is offering quality seafood at an affordable price. This quick service food place is a perfect for the people on the go. Get your seafood fix fast!

Challenge!!! Name these food items displayed here and look for them at the menu. (above)

One thing I also liked there is how they served their iced tea. Well, kind of nice because it's like drinking from a fishbowl. If you're having a hard time, drinking up to the last drop, don't worry. They have straws. Hehehe. 

On the left is the tasty Coffee Jelly. I'm not really a fan of Coffee Jellies but this once is just good and wouldn't be something that you'd like to miss when fiding at Fishman.

Fishman is located at Rizal Drive, 31st St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

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