Bobble water bottle not your usual water bottle.

So what is bobble? No it's not moving your head side to side pointlessly or something but its a bottle. A water bottle but that is just not a water bottle. In this age, we are all becoming more concerned with the environment, our health and all. From the things that we eat, how we live and what mark we leave for the next generation.

Looking good and feeling good may be easy to hear but hard to do for some, but with this bobble water container, you can look good, feel good and do good all at the same time. The easiest way to stay healthy is staying hydrated. Especially on active people, they need to drink clean water to flush out harmful toxins and prevent illness. This way, you can keep your body's pH balance, improve your metabolism and your essential organs in good condition. Now how does bobble do that? The bobble water has a simple activated carbon filter built on the bottom of its drinking spout. Water passes through the carbon, chlorine and the contaminants at filtered / removed. They say that the filter is good for around 300 refills equivalent to 300 single use plastic bottles, depends on the use.

The bottle is designed by the renowned industrial artist, Karim Rashid. The bottle and filter is made from recycled PET plastic and free from BPA, phtalates and PVC. Get this, the bottle is 100% recyclable.

Here the Philippines, each bobble bottle costs P595.00 (550-ml), while the filters are sold at P 345.00 each and omes in six cool colors, the Red, black, yellow, magenta and blue. For more information please like and follow @bobbleph on Twitter.

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