Asahi Beer Officially launched in the Philippines!

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They officially launched at Opus last Friday, January 25. Japan's Asahi Group has just partnered with Philippine's Asia Brewery Inc. which is owned by Lucio Tan. ABI now exclusively distributes the Japanese's Asahi Super Dry beer here in the Philippines.

During the questions and answer portion, Asahi Beer and ABI executives that thiswould fall under their premium beer category and would elevate the level of premium beer here in the Philippines. In fact, I even heared a Super Premium mentioned by one of them.

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Asahi has been sold in the country since 1990s through importation but now with the partnership, Filipino premium beer drinkers can now get them conveniently on some selected supermarkets thanks to Asia Brewery.

ABI targets to be the top player in the premium beer market with this first attempt partnering with a  a foreign Asahi brand. And as sales volume grow significantly, ABI even mentioned that the Asahi company can use its brewery facilities to produce Asahi Super Dry here in the Philippines.

They say that now is a good time for this long partnership because of the favorable economic conditions. Even though the implementation of the higher tax in the beer category, they are still positive with the outcome.

The market of Asahi? Well basically the A and B market. I guess I am their market. :) He he he

Now, let me share to you the Asahi girls. :)
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The place was packed with people Partying to the Awesome beats of DJ Nina and of course, Asahi Beers. 

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I think I was able to finish around 5 bottles. It had around 5% of alcohol in it and just tastes different in a good way. :) Loving the Asahi beer.
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The night ended with some partying. So go down for more photos of...well the Asahi girls. 
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Caught up with Nessy and her friends.
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After this photo, guys and girls started lining up for a photo with the girls. What's up with that? :-/
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So that was my Asahi experience. What about you? When are you getting that Asahi experience?

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