My Petron Porsche Car Collectibles.

Oh yes, I finally collected these babies. I know, I know every time you drop by Petron, all they say is that only the white GT3 RSR is available. Its tricky really, and if you don't have really good street smarts then having these collectibles wouldn't be possible. :)

Passion for Porsche? Well, I think because of this, I started appreciating and looking at these toy cars more closely. :) 

Petron started its promo "Passion for Porsche" promo last November 1, 2012 initially offering 4 toy cars - silver Cayenne, red Cayman S, black Carrera S and the blue Panamera. The 5th toy car, a white GT3 RSR, was available last December 1, 2012. 

These Porsche toy cars costs P180 each. All you have to do is have a P1,000-worth of fuel receipt (single or accumulated purchase) of Blaze 100, XCS, Xtra Unleaded, Turbo Diesel and Diesel Max from Petron. (Same gas station only). 

If you get to play with these toys, they rev, alarm and horn sounds with lights when you open their doors, and has a pull back & go feature. Promo period ends on January 31, 2013. But rumors online said that Petron might extend till March? 

So, have you guys collected your toys already? I heard these babies sell at around P500 each online. Oh, will do my toy photography soon on these toys once I've free time. 

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