[Movies] Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.

So, who is Jack Reacher? As they say, its not an easy question to answer. This ex-army slash military investigator is enigmatic but stays away from the company of others... for a reason.

It started on one morning in a town where five people are randomly shot dead. All evidences points to one man who is a sharp-shooting assassin is a trained sniper and ex-military who is eventually apprehended.

After all the interrogation, this prisoner then demands on a notepad in lieu of a confession: "Get Jack Reacher".

Reacher knows this shooter. The killings compels him to step out of the shadows and shares to authorities what he knows of the prisoner. The question is, what is the history of this suspect with Reacher? With Jack knowing his track record, why would the prisoner then request help from a man who knows his history?. The defense attorney then hires Reacher to investigate.

This then becomes a pursuit for the truth. Not knowing that friends of family may be foes. Being a loner and playing by his own rules, he is driven with a keen sense of justice. He then finds himself against and astute enemy.

From The New York Times bestselling series author Lee Child comes one of the most compelling heroes to step from novel to screen - ex-military investigator “Jack Reacher.” Written and directed by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker CHRISTOPHER McQUARRIE, “Jack Reacher” stars TOM CRUISE, ROSAMUND PIKE, ROBERT DUVALL, RICHARD JENKINS and WERNER HERZOG. 

Check out the trailer below.

Jack Reacher will soon come out at your favorite theaters and cinemas.

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