MaxVit keeps the romance burning during the holidays.

Like many, husbands typically feel that Christmas is about joy and togetherness – spending more time with people that are closest to them. Unfortunately, it’s also a highly stressful season due to numerous year-end work commitments, ever worsening rush hour traffic, last-minute shopping for gifts, and seemingly countless parties left and right. 

Sure, routine responsibilities plus other time-consuming tasks couldn’t dampen your “holiday spirit” – but given your packed Christmas itinerary, were you still able to plan for quality time with the wife? Why not try surprising her with seven simple dates in seven nights? Give her a back rub after a tiring day; come home with good conversation plus a bottle of wine; go on a road trip to reminisce your journey as a couple… be creative as you can! 

But are you getting tired just thinking about it? Let MaxVit help you in this department. Formerly known as Revicon Max, MaxVit has the same potent Max formula powered by Royal Jelly that reduces the fatigue you feel, and Ginseng that recharges the body’s energy supply to ensure that you get to keep the romance burning. 

Don’t let the holiday stress and fatigue stop you from spending better days – and nights with her. Give your love a new spark with every minute and every touch. So whether it’s Christmas or not, always remind yourself that it doesn’t take much to show your wife that you love her – very Max. 

MaxVit softgel capsules can be found in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide for P12 per capsule. Individually packed in flex foil, MaxVit is available in Convenience Pack of 5’s, and Box of 100’s. 

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