SumoSam's newest offering!

I just love Japanese food. Their rice meals, bentos, gyoza, some mean rolls and salmon sashimi. So when I heard that there will be a Sumosam food tasting I didn't think twice. :) So I teleported to their Gateway branch with a hungry stomach and man, was I in for a tasty treat.

First up ...Shrimp Enoki Pizza 
Those who's watching their diet (But not really) and those into eating seafoods (riiight) :) I'm guessing this one is for you. :) This crusted goodness with lots of topping just makes this one oh so perfect with a beer. :) They prepare this fast, so this one is also good for appetizers.

Next on their pizza menu is the Bacon Kane Pizza
Yes, you figured it out. Pizza with bacon and kane! Yey! You wouldn't imaging this ever happening until you have completely tasted this one.

One pizza that I missed in taking a picture is the Chicken Teriyaki Pizza.
Now that pizza is really good! The place was wiped out even before I took a picture of it. So here's a more appetizing picture of the pizza from Sumosam
Again, imagining is simple. On a pita like crust of the pizza, imaging your chicken teriyaki cut and shredded into small portions, cheese, some magoes and Teriyaki sauce here and there.It was like an explosion on my taste buds. I personally liked it. :) It's a little sweet but I didn't mind it.

Zaru Cha Soba (Green Tea)
They introduced their variants of cold soba. The Ten Zaru Cha Soba, Kani Soba Salad and the picture below, Zaru Cha Soba with side of tempura and others. It also had sweet soy based sauce to go with it and some wasabi should you wish more kick on your soba. Tasting it, you can feel the kind of quality on the food of SumoSam. Dipping the Soba in the sauce and eating it was such a nice feeling. Found myself not stopping and almost forgot to share. 

I think the star of that food tasting was the TONKATSU KUROBOTA.

It may look like your usual tonkatsu, what's the difference you ask? Well the Kurobota is actually Black Berkshire. This kind of pork is considered the best kind of pork and highly rated pork in Japan. Deliciously cooked, come with unlimited cabbage and rice. Worth every penny if you ask me.

The taste has a perfect balance of fat and meat. I can just say it was pork heaven. :) Too bad we had to share this beautifully cooked pork with others. I would have wanted to have this one for myself. :) I want more SumoSam!!!! :D

On to the desserts!!! Chocolate Ganache Cake 
This particular dessert has chocolate cake with a chocolate filling. Some almonds, cherries, and slices of oranges dipped in chocolate. Get that chocolate rush into your system. The chocolate cake had great moist it it. Really nice.

Meringue with Avocado and Mango Coulis
I'm not a fan of Avocado. Even if you make an ice cream out of it. But this one was an exception. The thickness of the Avocado Ice cream was just so good. Sandwiched by the two meringe. Some mangoes and cherry on top was a perfect ender for the meal that we had. 

 Fellow foodies busy with the food.
SumoSam owners Marvin Agustin, Raymon Magdaluyo, Chefs and Partners.
Sumo Sam has branches in Shangri-La Mall, Marquee Mall, Trinoma, Solenad 2 Nuvali, Greenbelt 3, Abreeza Davao, Gateway. You can visit their site here, Like them on facebook. Follow them on twitter @iloveSUMOSAM

Special thanks to Alex Dizon of Lafanggero and Ms. Xchosa SumoSam for this really nice experience!

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