Google's Nexus 4 sold out in an hour.

I was like.. "wait... what??!" 

Yeah, it sold out like uber hot pancakes in some countries with its release last Tuesday. The Nexus 4 is made by LG and were available online then it was gone. Other customers were left with notices on where they can leave the email addresses so that they will be informed when there are stocks available. 
The smartphone is powered by the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS
that boasts features like Photo Sphere, Miracast support and more.

The cost of a Nexus 4 is like $299 and won't be locked to any carriers I think. As we all know, this phone is another smartphone from Google. Having a cutting edge hardware and having also the latest version of Android with the best apps of Google.

The LG-made device features an 8MP that lets you snap 360 degree panoramas with Photo Sphere. 
The device supports full HD video recording and has features like continuous focus, 
real-time zoom, and time lapse mode.
The Nexus 4 sports a 4.7-inch True-HD IPS display coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 2.
It has a 1280x768 pixel resolution translating to 320 ppi.
Under the hood, the smartphone features a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with 2GB RAM. 
The device will be available in 8/16GB storage options.
So which countries actually sold out? Well reports say that US, Britain, Germany and some other place in the world had problems on purchasing the phones via online. Oh and they also started selling a 7 inch and a 10 inch Nexus tablet, also with the latest version of Android.

Why do you think of the Nexus 4? Worth shifting from Samsung or Apple? Why do you think it sold out so fast? Hit the comments below! :)

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