Flawless' Online Revolution.

This month, Flawless will celebrate its 11th anniversary. Flawless has been the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services, Flawless, marks several milestones as it formally launches its new digital face and voice. 

In an intimate gathering of online media friends and people from Flawless they shared to us Flawless' goal and target in the next coming years. Going BIG on digital. Let's face it, its the way to go. :)

Known to many, last April 2012, Flawless launched an online magazine on issuu.com to replace the brand’s monthly newsletter. Aptly named “Flaunt,” the digital publication is intended to be Flawless’ signature online editorial habitat. Ms. Rubby Sy who is the CEO of Flawless shared that the problem with newsletter is that only a number of people get to read them and they're forgettable and lacks impact. With that I would have to agree with her. Launching a digital magazine is the way around these challenges. Everything is mobile nowadays and having a digital magazine will surely get the word out faster and has a wider reach.

Improved Digital Domain
Yes, this is important. Enhancing digital presence is vital. Flawless also has implemented new improvements on the websites to extend its products and services to more clients online. Making it more functional and personal. It hosts the full line of products and services. They made the site more friendly, where you can schedule consultations, solutions to skin problems and even make purchases! This is definitely for the benefit of the customers. Smart move on this one. :)

A New Voice
Flawless has also jumped into the social networking site. Part of their goal also is to be able to interact more with their customers and the rest of the online community. This way they can easily connect with the people, share information and also expand their networks.
Good thing that Flawless now decides to gear towards this direction. Now, you can easily get in touch with the Flawless peeps and just talk to them and chat just like your normal pal. 

Be sure to check out Flawless on twitter and on facebook. More pictures of the event below and here
Enzo Pineda - Flawless

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