DVD Giveaway! - The Lucky One & Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance

Mixofeverything and Magnavision Home is giving away awesome DVDs!!! There will be (3) three winners of THE LUCKY ONE and GHOST RIDER Spirit of Vengeance DVDs!!!!

Just hit the comments section below and tweet me on why you want to win. :) Leave your name email, twitter ID and contact number. :) make sure to follow me! @mykesoon

Deadline for joining will be on Friday, 12nn, November 23. Spread the word!

Terms & Conditions
- Prizes need to be picked up in Makati area
- Prizes must be claimed with 20 days from receipt of email
- Winners must present a valid ID when claiming the prize.

Read more of The Lucky One here and Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance here.

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