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Samsung Galaxy S III mini version??

By October 12, 2012

BREAKING NEWS!!! Well not really, but I read that Samsung has revealed that there will be a smaller and cheaper version of the Galaxy S III. How about that? And get what? It has the same size as iPhone 5.
The Samsung Galaxy S III mini as they call it has a screen of 4 inches diagonally.

Well the mini is powered by the latest version of Android software which is cool but it does not support faster fourth-generation wireless networks. I wonder what would be the effects of this.

Word is that it will be launched in Europe this month. No word yet in when it will be released in other countries. As for the price? Well, it would be around $500 versus the cheapest S III of $700. So what do you think? I guess this will be ok. I might consider this I guess. This will definitely be compared to the iPhone 5. I just need to feel the device on the hand first before deciding. Though I am still a iPhone user. Will save up for iPhone 5. I promise myself that.

Mental/blog note. Check out S III mini before considering buying iPhone 5 :)

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