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Paranormal Activity 4 "Want It" voting ends on October 11

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I actually haven't watch the whole series just bits and clips of some of its first 3 movies. The trailers are nice and a little disturbing. But some parts of me wants the thrill and the shock from movies like these. 

Fans all over the world just couldn't wait to see the latest installment of the Paranormal series movie a week from October 4, 2012. Fans get the chance also to earn free passes and would be the first of the few to see the future smash hit horror, Paranomal Activity 4 by visiting and clicking “Want It.” Voting ends October 11. 

The film’s website has been inundated with votes from fans across the globe in anticipation of its release on November 21. 

Cities currently in the running to receive a free screening and be the first in the world to see “Paranormal Activity 4” in theaters include Lima, Peru; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Paris, France; Moscow, Russia; New York, NY; London, UK. For a complete list, go to

Check out the trailer below.

If your city isn’t making the cut, visit and click the “Want It” button or like it on Facebook at for the chance to bring an advance screening to your city. 

“PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4” is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.

Like “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4” on Facebook at and follow it on Twitter at

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