OMEGA Boutique in 6750 gets an international make-over!

I was invited to attend the re-opening of OMEGA's newly renovated boutique at the Arcade of 6750. 

The place was luxurious. Other press were at the event also to check out the unveiling of the refurbished OMEGA Boutique. I also had a chat with Mr. Emerson Yao who is the Managing Director of Lucerne company which carries OMEGA. He said that the OMEGA Boutique in 6750 is the first in the Philippines to feature the brand's new store concept. Exceptional by the way. Mr. Yao also mentioned to me that the reason for the renovation is that because aesthetically, the interior design is consistent with other OMEGA boutiques located around the world. 

OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart commented that “OMEGA has established a strong presence in the Philippines, so it is only fitting that we have renovated and reopened this boutique in the heart of Manila. The global design is built around the elements of the sun, water, earth and, of course, time, which is expressed in a steely rain pattern. 

So if you can see the details inside. The illuminating window displays. The interior of the boutique features natural materials in warm, inviting colours as well as subtle, sophisticated lighting. The champagne gold display units and cabinets are finished with anigre wood, seamlessly and smoothly fitting all work surfaces together.

In the same area, the place also have the OMEGA Service Center. Now don't be scared in having you rprecious OMEGA watch fixed here because the service center has a team of experts who can
provide OMEGA’s customers with highly dedicated assistance.

Why don't you check out the OMEGA Boutique in Ayala Center. It is located at the G/F 6750 Retail Arcade.

Oh and the talk at that time is that they are looking for the James Bond watch. The Sea Master. Which was out of stock at that time. The price? Well. I suggest you just visit the store and ask for the James Bond watch which is on a limited run of 5007 units. :)

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