Go Full Blast with Berocca Performance!

I have an allergy problem. I normally get irritated with dust and I end up sneezing most of the time. But sometimes this is brought up by lack of proper rest and getting the right vitamins into my system.In the busy world today, so fast paced, busy and stressful, our body need to cope with these stresses and we need vitamins to help us get through the day as well. 

Everyday, I make it a point that I take Vitamin C and multivitamins everyday. Yes, I tend to forget them sometimes and even find it a hassle for me to take one when reminded. I know it's a simple thing to do but adults are as just difficult as kids in taking vitamins/meds.

Now, Berocca Performance, a multivitamin drink designed for people on the go and those with busy lifestyles. As a blogger / Corporate Slave this is perfect for me. It has been tested before and has been recommended and suggested by others that Berocca has been on top of the list when it comes to fighting physical tiredness and in improving performance.

In an event held at Maxims Hotel Pool Side, Berroca surely did make an impression and has given the crowd that night the guests and personalities needed. Some games, great music and brush elbows with some of the country's prominent people all enjoying the drinks, great food and the overall experience.

If you check the box or the Berocca tube, Berocca Performance has a mix of Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and some essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesiun and Zinc. It's totally easy to take. Just drop the Berocca dablets into a cold glass of water, wait for the fizz to finish then voila! You got yourself an orange juice! (with benefits)

So if you ask about the benefits, well, Berocca gives us the chance to go on Full Blast. Be it anything you do, Berocca Delivers. Give it a try, once a day and you'll see the difference. It’s available in drugstores and selected supermarkets nationwide.

Check out some pictures during event. More pictures here

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