Enjoy Pristine and Stunning VIsual Clarity with BenQ Monitors

With BenQ's tagline Enjoyment Matters. They do make sure that we do enjoy the products they offer to us consumers. Mastering the monitor category, they are committed and determined to offer us the best image quality, clarity and color performance, ofcourse the brightness and viewing angles are also part of the package.

These we shared to us by the people from BenQ during one lunch event. It was attended by media and other bloggers as well. BenQ presented to us their awesome monitors that has these great features to go with. Some features like..

BenQ's screen has this 5000:1 Ultra High Native Contrast. There are actually two types, the native and the dynamic. These two differ because the native is what the panel itself can do while the other is the contrast performance based on signal source and backlight. BenQ's VA panel boasts an ultra high contrast compared to the conventional which comes with a 1000:1 contrast ratio.

Another is the screen's True Black. This will be of the blackest of black. BenQ is known for minimizing the light leakage. The VA panels bring out the flawlessly layered and contrasted details in the most complex images.

BenQ monitors now also have this True 8-bit Color Performance which delivers smoother and more stable color transitions. You ask for the viewing angle? Well, with 178 degrees / 178 degrees Wide-Viewing Angles, you can enjoy authentic colors and ultra sharp details from left, right, above and below. 
(Photo on left) Mr. Eric YF Wei, Region Country Manager, BenQ Philippines

(Photo on right) Ms. Crystel Mendoza, Product Manager-BenQ Phililippines and  Mr. Charlon Alcala, Product Group Head - BenQ Philippines

It has been tested and vouched for by photographers, graphic artists and editors. BenQ certainly delivers great monitors with exceptional performance. Certainly viewing other monitors will not be the same after viewing from a BenQ monitor.

More pictures of the event below.

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