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Mixofeverything and Magnavision Home is giving away awesome DVDs!!! There will be (2) two winners of the  MONEYBALL & JOURNEY 2 DVDs!!!!

Just hit the comments section below and tweet me on why you want to win. :) Leave your name email, twitter ID and contact number. :) 

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Deadline for joining will be on Wednesday, October 31st. :) Spread the word!

Terms & Conditions
- Prizes need to be picked up in Makati area
- Prizes must be claimed with 20 days from receipt of email
- Winners must present a valid ID when claiming the prize.

Read more of Moneyball here and Journey 2 here. 

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We're a little late, but we'll catch up with the latest releases promise! :) Keep on visiting guys! I've more DVDs to give away!

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