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Triple Treats at the 4th~SM Manila. Seafood Island, Kung Fu Kitchen & Tokyo Grill

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Got invited by friends from the Clawdaddy & Red Crab group  to attend the formal opening and launch of the "Triple Treats at the 4th". I was told by someone to empty my stomach for this Sunday feast, so I arrived there starving. 

Arrived there and drum-beaters were making these beats that makes my shoulder swing from side to side and my grumbling stomach couldn't just help but go with the beat. They weren't kidding when they said to save some space, a lot of people was already there for the event and I can just imaging the kitchens going crazy and ready to meet the demands of the hungry bellies.

Three stores officially opened that day. Blackbeard's Seafood Island, Kung Fu Kitchen ~ Feasts of Fury and Tokyo Grill. 


Dined at the Tokyo Grill first. Was hungry that I forgot to take pics of the food. Tokyo Grill is brought to us by the same team as SumoSam. They also have the Bibimbap (famous Korean dish), and Japas (Japanese small plates) and  many others! Interiors were bright orange, so positive and an energetic vibe in the place. 

What's good about the place? You can literally enjoy UNLIMITED pleasure of Japanese Rice, Miso Soup, Coke or Ice Tea.

The restaurant seats around 80 pax and is a fast casual dining restaurant. Tokyo Grill is located at the 4th floor of SM Manila, near the cinema wing.

Standing- Ms. Xchosa Kay Taganas-Deniega Media Relations Manager and the
Brand marketing Manager of Tokyo Grill
Sitting - Marbee, Lara, Emma & Camille Winners of the Mutya ng Pilipinas

See what happened there? Yeah I was hungry and err Busy. :)  Tokyo Grill by SumoSam is open everyday from 10AM-11PM.

Promo Alert for Tokyo Grill. Buy P 300 worth of food and beverages from Tokyo Grill and get Chicken Kushiyaki for FREE. You can also choose to get a FREE sisig from Blackbeard Seafood Island.

Next up is the wittily named KUNG FU KITCHEN ~ FEASTS OF FURY (i like the name!)

Kung Fu Kitchen or KFK opened its first branch at the 4th level of SM Manila. In this version of Chinese restaurant, KFK plans to deliver a modern casual Chinese dining experience fresh and fast! Now those two words are important. Fresh and Fast.

The goal of KFK? Simple. To serve the best Chinese comfort food, affordable and quality food. The place and interiors? I couldn't complain. Nice touches, great decors and designs. 

So how did KFK came about? The inspiration is the 20th century Kung Fu films. With stories of warrior underdogs and their transcendence in different challenging scenarios.

Mr. Raymond Magdaluyo explaining how to eat the xiao long bao and Marvin Agustin demonstrating it.

The Mutya ng Pilipinas winners.

One of their specialty is called the KFK Boxers. It is basically a Bento Box where you can easily mix and match Chinese dished into one tasty 'Warrior's Box'. Now you can enjoy having a feast even if you're just one. Genius! (no pic available)

Promo Alert for Kung Fu Kitchen. Buy P 300 worth of food and beverages from KFK and get a 4-piece siomai for FREE. You can also choose to get a FREE Chicken Kushiyaki from Tokyo Grill

Oh and get this, they have these fortune cookies too! Nice touch!

As for the food in Seafood Island. I didn't eat much. I was full already and it was 3pm already. :)

Promo Alert for Seafood Island. Buy P 300 worth of food and beverages from Blackbeard Seafood Island and get a plate of Calamari. You can also choose to get a FREE steamed Brown Rice with Pork Shrimp  from Kung Fu Kitchen

So what are you waiting for? Head now to SM City Manila and experience excellent Asian Triple Treat dining at the 4th!

Oh! I was able to get the 'CHORK' (go figure) at Kung Fu Kitchen. Really cool!

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