“My Extreme Transformation for Maroon 5” Promo Winner

Last September 18, 2012, one lucky Araneta Center Facebook fan enjoyed two front row tickets to the most awaited concert of the year—Maroon 5 Live in Manila 2012—by winning Araneta Center’s Facebook-based promo “My Extreme Transformation for Maroon 5.”

In line with the Smart Araneta Coliseum’s “extreme transformation”, we asked our fans to tell us about an “extreme transformation” they recently went through or plan to do in terms of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Entries were posted in dedicated “My Extreme Transformation for Maroon 5” photo albums in Facebook starting September 13, 2012 to September 17, 2012.  The entry with the most number of likes or votes at exactly 6PM last September 17, 2012 was announced the winner.

Promo winner Corey Uruga and her plus one, Camille Denyse, enjoyed a scrumptious dinner for two at Sachi and two front row tickets to Maroon 5.

Here’s what she had to say about the experience: 
“September 18, 2012, I considered [this day] the most wonderful and awesome event in my life. I was given a chance of a lifetime to watch my favorite band [sitting on] FRONT ROW seats, the Maroon 5, and to see up close the person you ever [wished for—ADAM LEVINE. Our [pre-concert dinner] was at SACHI Restaurant. We were very excited.  The concert was a BLAST.  My niece (Camille Denyse—a fashion blogger) and I were standing, dancing, and singing all night. Took so many pictures and some videos for souvenir, of course. All my favorite songs were played—Misery, Payphone, Daylight, She Will Be Loved, and many more. ADAM is so HOT.  The BAND is wonderful. Until this very moment, I’m still floating with joy. I can’t find words to express how lucky I am.  Still very lucky, I grabbed ADAM's cup of water. Once again, thank you so much to the people behind this event, it’s a pleasure of making me part of the concert.”

Araneta Center, gives out once-in-a-lifetime experiences!  Keep visiting the Araneta Center Facebook fan page for more promos and contests about our upcoming shows and concerts!

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