#LikeaPOGI campaign by Nivea

Nivea for men, the world's No. 1 Men's Skin Care brand is launching a new campaign called #LikeaPOGI. The plan is to establish that being a pogi is more thank just having good looks, but having the right personality.

Nivea has tapped the multi-talented internet action star, comedian, filmmaker, producer and U.P. film professor, Ramon Bautista in launching the #LikeaPOGI campaign. Nivea believes that Ramon's achievements in various fields prove that having confidence and the right attitude can make a man successful.

So spread the word and let the people know on your thoughts on how it is to be like a pogi in a general way like being a gentleman, opening the door and the like. and use #LikeaPOGI and tag @LikeaPOGI on twitter.

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