It is 'definitely' more fun to shop at SM Southmall. The Big Sale Experience

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Had the chance to experience shopping on one of the most biggest malls in the south! Yes, 'the' SM Southmall. And I was there and excited even before the mall opened up. :) Roamed around a bit and checked out people setting up. Here's me alone in the middle of the atrium waiting for my friends :)

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Was tired from roaming around so I just headed to Starbucks to get my Caramel Machiatto fix. It was really good and perfect to give me the energy kick that I needed that day. :) (for shopping)
uploaded via instagram / twitter link here.
Looking at the SALE ads make me want to shop shop shop!!! They have some really great finds there!

With the prizes and all these chances of winning something makes me feel oh so privileged. :) Haha

They also have this nice photo-op wall there. :)
I met up with friends Rod, Alex and Jeman on this sale and boy were we all over the place. :) Check out Rod and Alex below cashing out on the items they bought.
Here's Rod on the things he bought. Two bow ties. I personally wanted a few for myself, but I changed my mind. :) The sales assistant was able to help us decide on what kind was best for Rod and she even help Rod test it out. :)

"No more plastics" I was surprised that the items he bought didn't come in platic. Good job SM Southmall! :)

Alex was going for accessories and some fashion thingy to purchase.

 I guess Alex needed a little help. (But not really, We just want to mess him up.) :)

Now this is how you fit a pair of pants. :)

A little photo-op.

I guess you can say that Alex was pretty much happy with the things that he bought. :)

Some really great finds not just in the in-line stores but also on their hallways! :)
Oh and I found some really nice carpets and discounts up to 70% off! Now, where can you find that?
Even window shopping was oh so fun. :)

Can you get the message on the picture below? Yes, I know its SALE. :) (panic mode)

In shopping at SM Southmall, you do not only get good finds but also by shopping, you would have the chance to win some cool laptops via raffle! (see lower right of photo)
Jeman on the other hand, focused on the health and beauty section, or was it bath etc. (don't ask me). He was just there and dived into the buy one take ones. :) What can I say? I couldn't blame him. :)

Buy One Take One. Perfect for Christmas gifts! :) And Jeman even had two assistants to help him out with the free one. Oh and just in case you noticed, He chose mostly orange. (Go figure)
Happy Bathing Jeman!
While I on the other hand went for something that I want. :)

Took me a while before I decided to buy this messenger bag. :) But yeah, I bought it.
Oh and I also bought a  nice shoe! and an eco bag for mom. :)

What great savings! :)

The Big Sale of SM Southmall is up to tomorrow. Be sure to drop by there! :)
With friends and great company, Shopping is 'definitely' more fun to shop at SM Southmall :)

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