Fitness First pumped up workout junkies with Fitness Xplosion 2 – No Limits

Hundreds of exercise enthusiasts shake off the pounds at Fitness First’s Fitness Xplosion 2.
Fitness First recently pumped up workout junkies in the recently held event entitled Fitness Xplosion 2 – No Limits last September 1 at SMX. The classes like RPM, BODYATTACK, BODYJAM, BODYCOMBAT, SH’BAM and RETROPOP fans participated in the biggest fitness marathon in the metro. 

Fitness First National Group Exercise Manager Theo (second from left) leads the intense BodyAttack class.

Fitness First also demonstrated the latest freestyle training programs like the TRX, ViPR, Kettle Bells and Muay Thai during the event. 

Hardcore workout junkies sweated it out with RPM
a fun cardiovascular cycling class, BODYATTACK,
a sports-inspired cardio workout for strength and stamina-building and BODYCOMBAT,
an intense combination workout incorporating karate, Muay Thai, kick boxing and tae kwon do.
Dance lovers, on the other hand, strutted their stuff with BODYJAM, which uses the latest sounds of hip hop, funk and latin music with the latest hits, 
SH’BAM, which showcases the hottest club-friendly dance moves and 
RETROPOP, a dance class based on moves and music from 70’s disco and 80’s electro.

Fitness Xplosion 2 participants start off with a full-body cardio workout with RPM.

“We’re doing things on a grander scale this year,” says Fitness First National Group Exercise Manager Yee Sin Theo. “We flew in instructors from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand to make Fitness Xplosion 2 the best fitness marathon yet.”

One of the event’s special guests, Gandalf Archer, Fitness First BodyJam Program Director from New Zealand, said that he’s excited to be back in the country. “Whenever I teach classes in the Philippines, there’s always this different kind of vibe, like a feeling of ecstasy,” shares Gandalf.

Capping off the day-long workout event was a house dance party led by Gandalf himself, where the crowd enjoyed learning various dance styles and techniques around a continuous mix of heart-pounding music.

“Today’s participants really gave their all and were very energetic,” says Yee Sin Theo. “We’re definitely pushing for another fitness marathon event like this one next year.”

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