BonChon's Best Sellers in a group meal?! Oh Yeah!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! BonChon now have group meals!

Yes! Its true! The chicken that has become a global phenomenon now offers something for the “barkada” and for the family. This group meal consists a variety of Bonchon's best-seller all for sharing!

The medium box consists of either the signature soy garlic and/or spicy, my personal favorite classic Korean noodle dish Chapchae, 2 sides (fries and/or the famousKimchi Coleslaw), 4 rice, and 4 regular drinks for only PhP645. 

Now ain't that a spicy deal! :) As for the savings? We'll ask the right people on this and I shall get back to you. :)

This is Mix signing out!
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