Benetton's new fragrances for men and women. MOVE and LOVE

A few days ago, I was thankful enough that Benetton Philippines invited me to witness the launch to press and to fellow bloggers, Benetton's latest fragrance. These playful fragrances are LOVE for women and MOVE for men. Cool name for a perfume eh?

It was a night of moving and grooving as the attendees were given a 5-7 song routine workout for Zumba and Shiba from Studio 116. Participants sure did worked up a sweat. Just by looking at them, I feel tired already. But the licensed instructor Ms. Michelle Dizon for Studio 116 Dance School sure did had some awesome moves!

These perfumes are actually designed for the young women today and young men out there. To those men who are always on the Move. To the modern and energetic men to plans to maximize life to the fullest and always on an adventure. Free spirited, athletic and self confident. If you think these words describe you, then Let's MOVE is for you. 

The Scent of Let's Move
I smelled something of a powdery scent at first on it but it has this addicting citrus-y with a kick of black pepper. It also has some cedarwood creating a masculine feel but still maintains a refreshing feel to it. Then ending it with a warm lasting impression of a sensual composition from amber and balsamic accord. 

The Bottle of Let's Move
It is transparent and simple. Minimalist. Inspired bu vitamin and water bottles. Benetton logo engraved in the glass and easy to use.

I can see myself wearing this in the morning towards the end of the day. Let's Move EDT comes in 40ml (P950.00) and 100ml (P1,450.00) sizes.

To the women, Benetton have Let's LOVE. Designed for young women who are romantic and in on an exciting journey of love and life. 

The Scent of Let's Love
It is inspired by Passion Flower and Star of Jasmine. Though I wasn't able to take home a sample of it, but was lucky to have sniffed some of it during the event. As they claim, Let's Love has this sensual fruity floral scent and beautifully blended with cashmere musk. Really nice touch. 

The bottle of Let's Love
This fragrance is housed in a transparent round shaped bottle which is also transparent and pretty minimalist in design. The roundness of the bottle showing sensuality and femininity. It also have the Benetton logo engraved on the glass

Women would love this. :)  Let's Love EDT comes in 30ml (P850.00) and 100ml (P1,450.00)

The night ended with attendee taking home some awesome ZUMBA and SHIBA moves, a full belly, some great fun and some really awesome loot from Benetton. :)
I would like to say thanks to Benetton Philippines and Emily Sia-Koa, Marketing / Brand Manager for inviting me. Till the next event! 

Thanks for the awesome perfume too!

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Check out some photos of the event below.
Too bad I didn't win this bag. :D But still a great night!