Watch the teaser Trailer of "Battle of the Year!"

Any frustrated break dancers out there? (I am) Well take a look at the teaser trailer for the upcoming movie "Battle of the Year" released by Columbia Pictures.

Check out the trailer below.

The film stars Josh Holloway (“Lost,” “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”) and recording artist Chris Brown (“Takers”). The movie packs some really nice and sick dance moves and sequences. “Battle of the Year” is set in the international world of B-boying – the urban dance more commonly known as “breakdancing.”

Unforgettable images frame the intimate stories of an all-star American dance crew who, with the help of their tough coach (Josh Holloway), struggle to reach their dreams despite being misunderstood by society and even their own families. Their lives collide in France where their skills are put to the ultimate test: the “Battle of the Year” finals, with crews from 18 nations vying for the title of World Champion.

The film features electrifying dance performances and astonishing displays of power and grace, showing how a street dance from New York has evolved into an inspiring art form for a new generation around the world.
Opening soon across the Philippines, “Battle of the Year” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. 

So if you're a fan of break dancing  or just plain dancing, I guess this is for you. :) 

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