Mocha Silvana, Rocky Road Cake and more new food items from Starbucks!

You guys should check this out! New Featured Food Items at Starbucks. 
Perfect to comfort you in this weather! :) Now you can enjoy your favorite Starbucks beverage with these savory and indulgent food items. Available for a limited time which started last July 31, 2012. Im guessing this would stay till around September. But Still go and get your fix!

 ROCKY ROAD CAKE (₱140 per slice / ₱1495 whole)
Indeed the 'Rocky Road' name is always there in the classic favorite ice cream list. But what do you get whn it is made into a cake? Well, you make two moist and really good chocolaty sponge cakes layered with smooth, velvety chocolate pudding studded with roasted walnuts, soft fluffy marshmallow cake and chocolate chunks then covered with dark intense chocolate ganache and topped with marshmallow, walnuts and drizzled with chocolate. (That was a lot to read, but yeah! just look at that picture and tell me you don't want it.)

This is not your usual silvana. It's like heaven in my mouth and really good. The silvana has this creamy mocha buttercream icing. sanwiched by two chewy & crunchy meringue cookies. To top that, it is covered by roasted almonds and some dark chocolate. You just gotta love this one. I'd get this everytime! :)

This may be a little more expensive than others but its worth it. The Po’Boy sandwich is a New Orleans favorite. It has crispy fried fish and shrimps, sautéed assorted vegetables drizzled with zesty Cajun sauce and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese. Do I hear the word YUM all over this wrap?

You want a delicious gourmet meal? This one is for you. You're a vegetarian? Then this wild mushroom and emmenthal cheese on French butter croissant is worth trying. With the rich flavor and meaty texture of button, shiitake and portabello mushrooms on a soft crispy and butter croissant with melted emmenthal cheese is to die for! Yes, I heard Judas ate this before he hanged himself. - I kid! I kid! :)

Starbucks also have an on-going Refreshment Tumbler Offer offer from July 31-September 10, 2012. Get a free Tall Starbucks® Refreshers™ Beverage for every purchase of 16 oz. Customizable Cold Cup Tumblers (with flat lid and dome lid).

So, what are you waiting for? I suggest you guys try these food items together with the Starbucks Refreshers! :)

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