APP Review: The Dark Knight Rises on iPad

Yes, we all know that this is the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. And now it arrives on iPhone and iPad. 
This exclusive game is inspired by The Dark Knight Rises movie. It doesn't play much around on the same backyard of the movie and it certainly does make a good addition of you weave the two together. The graphics of it ain't so bad. It look amazing actually, details of Gotham City are actually good.

Same as the movie, after being gone for eight years, Bruce Wayne gets back into action as Batman. Waiting for him are the mysterious Selina Kyle (looks like Anne Hathaway btw, HOT!), and Bane, a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batman’s legacy piece by piece. 

You play as The Dark Knight of course, with complete weapons. well you have to upgrade them and purchase using the points that you earn. You collect items hidden within the city to unlock upgrades and new fighting skills for Batman, Just like The Amazing Spider-man game. Batman here can glide and easily transfer from one bldg to the other. I did somehow find a little difficulty on controlling Batman moving on about, sometimes I get dizzy but hey, I guess it needs a little getting used to. :)

I guess you can enjoy and finish this game with a couple of hours. Side-quests will keep you busy and will definitely keep you playing . Dozens of missions plus random events will make you feel all the thrill of being a superhero. Like hostage situations, bomb squads, jailbreaks and car chases. 

Oh and the fighting system is also good. Let's you take control and you'll definitely be amazed with the many different moves of Batman and cinematic effects. 

The game is a little more mature than The Amazing Spider-Man maybe because of the story and maybe the violence in the game? (which is not much really, it is actually good for kids 9+). But for lets say kids on late teens and early 20's can probably enjoy this game more. I just hope they watch the movie first before trying this out so that they'd know the story. :)

The game costs $6.99 same as The Amazing Spider-Man and is around 800MB, so expect a bite out of your 16GB devices. :) Fan of The Dark Knight? Well, I suggest you try this out. When was the last time you played and controlled Batman I ask you. So if you like what you saw, "You now have my permission to get this at the apple store. :)"

Big shout-out to Gameloft for letting me experience the game! You've always give us ass-kickin games. More power!

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