The Dictator: Movie Review

Even before the actual movie starts, you will laugh and hear the laughter of these people around you. Why? because there flashed on the big screen "In memory to the late Kim Jong Il" and from there you'd know where the movie will be heading and you'd know that at one and many point in the movie, you'd laugh.

Things to expect in this movie? well if you know Sacha Baron Cohen's work, and shelled out a couple of bucks for this movie, you know what you're in for. :) This brat dictator role in the form of General Aladeen has a habit of doing the slitting of throat action if he plans to dispose anyone who opposes him or whenever he just feels like it. 

If you've check out the trailer I've posted before here, then I tell you that you will get more than that and a couple of laughs to go with it. If the movie's goal is to make you laugh then it pretty much did its job. There are also some small surprises in the middle of the hilarious and ridiculous scenes one after the other.

The movie may have less kick that Sacha's past movies like Borat but this one certainly gets the job done. It speaks out what most of us are too polite to say. some might say that the movie is immature and may lack the actual point and content of it all. but for me I guess that is just what Comedy Films are all about. The movie may not win awards but replace that with great outrageous laughs and you're there. :)

If you liked Borat, Bruno and Ali G, then this one is for you. :) I give the movie 3.5 of 5 for being oh so ridiculously funny. :)


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