Pre-order you HUNGER GAMES BLU-RAY & DVD now!

ODDS are definitely in YOUR FAVOR now. THE HUNGER GAMES Blu-  Ray and DVD is set to be released and available up for grabs on August 18 by C-Interactive Digital Entertainment.

For those who are missing in on this novel turned movie blockbuster, The Hunger Games is about an undefined future of what is presently North America. Panem, as what the territory is called in the story, is divided into 12 districts where two teenage contestants, called Tributes, are picked to join the annual Hunger Games – a  futuristic and sophisticated take on Ancient Rome’s gladiator battles. Katniss, the main protagonist, is a Tribute from District 12 and the eventual winner of the competition.  Her skills, charm, story and perplexing romance with fellow District 12 Tribute, Peeta, is the focus of the novel and, of course, the movie.

The Hunger Games is one of the most anticipated video releases, and C-Interactive Digital Entertainment sure did made sure that it will truly be worth it. Exclusive and limited edition Hunger Games items, like the fashionable Mockingjay Pendant and a really neat functional cube will be bundled to the first purchases of Bluray and DVD. Incredibly, you will get all these at only Php 1,995.00 and Php 1,595.00 respectively.

The special edition double disc DVD comes with a multi-purpose lanyard and will be yours at only Php 795. 

Beat the others by making one of the first 300 pre-orders and you will get additional exclusive cool items like Character Posters, or Steel Water Tumblers (Yes, on top of the necklace and cube or lanyard!) You can start pre-ordering now before it hit the stores by August 18, 2012. So get a head and make sure that you are not left behind. 

We Would Like To Inform You That Due To The Unfortunate Events Of This Week, We Will Be Moving The Release Date Of The Hunger Games DVD & VCD From August 18, 2012 To August 25, 2012 (Saturday), & Blu-ray From August 18, 2012 To August 30, 2012 (Thursday).

This Will Also Coincide With Our Grand Launch At The Events Center, SM MegaMall, "Catch The Hunger Games Fever!", with this, we are extending the Pre-ordering of The Hunger Games DVD & Blu-ray until the closing of store hours of August 24, 2012. Thank you and hoping for your usual support! ~ C-Interactive!

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