Finally!! I have my 'Enjoy' privilege card

At long last, I finally have a card that is not temporary and the actual kit and a card with my name on it. I was able to get this through an event held at 1 Esplanade by Couleurs. (watch out for my post on it) It was kind of like a tie-up with the event and I was fortunate to be one of the many who was also there.

Just to give an idea on what  Enjoy is, it is a loyalty/privilege card which you can use on participating tenants from dining, nightlife, shopping and other lifestyle services. Enjoy has a list of hundreds of favorite spots in Manila, Cebu, and Boracay. It even extends to China and other services in Asia.

The thin guidebook with vouchers is for Cebu and Boracay and the thick one is for Manila.
So how much does this card cost? a whopping P1,995. With that you get to Enjoy membership which is valid for 12 months. You get the personalized Enjoy VIP card with 10-50% off everyday. You also get the members guide book with vouchers valued over P 300,000. You get and eco-friendly tote bag (which I don't have).

For more information on the card, you can visit their site here. Now I'm kind of excited in browsing the guide book and checking out some awesome promos.

Oh don't forget to register your card on their site if you already have one.

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