Femme Power with Couleurs La Femme

A new Filipina is on the rise. A statement left by the people of Couleurs La Femme. The event was a celebration of its product line for women that offers Filipino women choices for the lives that they desire. The One Esplanade was packed and empowered women from all walks was at the venue to experience one of a kind color and creative expression.

Women today are a lot more different than years ago. Women now are more aggressive and a go-getter. They have bigger dreams and wants to take advantage of every opportunity and take control of their careers and lives. Couleurs La femme was created with the Filipina women in mind. It was made for the women who doesn't have just a life but a lifestyle.

The place was converted into a venue with great lights with a fashion show setup. The were models in the runway, air dance performances and great music by the Bloom Brothers.


There were also some stylishly-decorated lifestyle hubs. Food was good and the drinks were overflowing. This is where I also got my Enjoy card. 

Couleurs La Femme is a line of oral contraceptive pills that is specially formulated to help women achieve beauty, balance, vitality and freedom.

Ms. Ludy Geraldes, the marketing representative for Couleurs La Femme said that "What we are celebrating is more than just options for women; today, we are celebrating the rise of the new Filipina- a woman who can take on the world with equal amounts of determination, vivaciousness, and joie de vivre."

Truly the time now and women now are different. So I applaud all Filipina women who wants to have it all, because we know they can.

Couleurs La Femme is distributed by Cynosure, an all Filipino pharmaceutical company that focuses on women's health and wellness and is available in Mercury Drug and Watson's branches and some selected drug stores.It is recommended that women see their gynecologist or health provider for more information.

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