Coffee Passion with Segafredo Zanetti's Coffee System

Have you ever tried real Italian espresso? Well you don't have to go to Italy to have one because you can now have one at comfort of your home. Segafredo Zanetti brings the Italian Espresso tradition experience to the Philippines with Myespresso.

I am not a regular coffee drinker, I take it occasionally, like beer. But last Friday, July 20, we were treated to a great Italian espresso experience. (and I did not regret it) Why? Two world-renowned espresso masters from Italy and Japan was there and imparted their knowledge to us about authentic Italian espresso. 

The Grand Chef Barista & Supervisor of Segafredo Zanetti in Asia Mr. Ilija Naumovski and the Export Manager of Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Systems Italy Mr. Andrea Borghesan enlightened us with the beauty and the goodness of their coffee. Ms. Tessa Prieto was also there who can't help but share her appreciation of the good coffee.

Yes, it certainly is amazing how a steaming cup of espresso can warm the heart and revive the senses. and Segafredo's espresso sure did. Segafredo not only offers coffee to top hotels and not only is a known brand and preferred choice by restaurants & cafes delivering great coffee but the company also offers the Segafredo Coffee System which you can have at home or your office. 

Segafredo Zanetti have five different capsules. The Espresso, Decaffeinato, Le Origini Brasile, Le Origini Peru and Le Origini Costa Rica. And the capsules that they use is different. If I am not mistaken, these capsules are bio-degradable and is purely safe to the environment. Now how's that for a change?

Segafredo aspires for Filipinos to partake in this Italian espresso tradition by making the Segafredo Complete Coffee Solutions available locally here in the Philippines. They want to provide complete coffee solutions to household, small offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes. How will they do it? with Segafredo Coffee System. Now if you think about it, yes, you've seen some brands already have these machines, but Segafredo's Coffee System best and closest you'd get of a quality product being served by not the top espresso master but an Italian masterpiece. It's like the Ferrari and Ducati of the machines. :)

Since Segafredo opened the first café in the Philippines last 2002, they continue to innovate the authentic Italian espresso experience. Warming the hearts, energizing minds and changing how we look and taste coffee. With the new Myespresso machine, Filipinos can now have their strong, creamy cup available in the comfort of their establishments, their offices and in their own homes.

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso recently opened a new café in  Net Plaza, a modern high class shopping and office building in Fort Bonifacio district. 
Now people in this area can enjoy excellent quality coffee and be able to enjoy a rich menu offering with different kinds of sandwiches and a delicious range of pastries. 

Mr. Ilija Naumovski even taught us on how to make a mean cappuccino. :) It was simple but tricky. 

This definitely sets the bar to any espresso out there. If you are a coffee drink and appreciated good quality coffee, then their Coffee System is the one for you. Experience espresso pleasure with Segafredo Zanetti Myespresso.

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